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My Take on Kids & Sports

girls downhill skiing Kids and sports … it’s a big topic with many different opinions on what to do, how to do it and why. Some parents push their kids while other parents let their kids take the lead. Some parents choose which sport their child will play, some limit the number of sports. All kinds of factors influence these decisions from parenting style, to busy schedules and limited time. I don’t claim to have all the answers but I strongly believe in keeping my kids active and exposing them to a variety sports and activities.

Life-Long Lessons

I want my kids to pick a sport that they are passionate about. I don’t plan for any of my kids to be professional athletes, however I want them to learn commitment, hard work, teamwork, responsibility, how to win and lose, how to work with different teams and coaches and most importantly: to learn how hard work equates to success.

Kids really don’t get an adequate amount of physical activity in school. Therefore, I think it’s important that play sports after school. I do think academics and music are also important, but my focus here is athletics. 

Kids sportsLosses & Failures

We all know what it’s like when our child’s team loses a big game… while it’s not as fun as winning, these are teachable moments! If my son had a tough loss in a game, I never make a big deal about the loss. I always ask him if he tried his hardest and remind him that good effort is what matters. If he had a tough practice and I see that he didn’t try hard, I will definitely address it. I talk to him about the need to put forward his best effort.

I always ask him if he tried his hardest and remind him that good effort is what matters.

Team Dynamics

When playing multiple sports and changing teams, it is inevitable that you will run into coaches and other parents where personality conflicts occur.  In my opinion, it’s so important to teach your kids how to deal with different personalities – because that’s real life. It’s important to remind your child to always be respectful, no matter what.

Life Time Sport – Pickup Soccer for Fun team sports

And since I’m on the topic of sports, I want to tell you about a new program that Life Time is rolling out – it’s called Life Time Sport.  This concept allows kids to participate in organized pickup play. You can drop off your kids – whenever it’s convenient – for pickup  games of soccer (and eventually other sports). Ten-minute games are organized by age and ability for ages 5 and up. Referees serve as coaches for certain age groups, stopping the game occasionally to share insights on skill development and strategy. 

The primary goal is to encourage kids to get out there, be active, and have fun. It’s a place for rising stars, multisport athletes, and those who just want to kick the ball around with their friends. Teens and adults can get in on the action, too.

The first Life Time Sport venues will open this month in Minnesota (one of the locations is Winter Park, the former training home of the Minnesota Vikings).

We are tentatively looking at a grand opening night of October 18th.  That is if the construction crews can pull off the remodel by then – they are working around the clock!

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