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My Challenge to You:
Be Present Today

Emily Akradi, wife of Bahram Akradi, CEO of Lifetime Fitness

Since you’re reading my blog, you probably already know that I’m passionate about health and wellness and incorporate fitness and healthy food into my every day. But there’s a lot more to me than protein shakes, workouts at Life Time and driving my kids to their activities!

I care about human connection and being present in the moment. Unfortunately, our fast-paced lifestyle and constant access to social media has created a culture where we can easily go through our day without truly connecting with one another.

It’s important to step back, shut off the noise surrounding us and really listen to each other.

By doing so, we get to know each other on a deeper level, with deeper connection and the result is beautiful! When we connect like this, we suddenly have a new tolerance for differing opinions  and have increased compassion for each other. We become a stronger community and begin to lean on one another, creating a fabric where we our lives are interwoven together.

I invite you, scratch that … I challenge you to be mindful, to be present and to *truly* connect with the people you encounter throughout your day. Look into the eyes of the cashier at the grocery store and say thank you, notice the name of your barista when you order coffee, high-five the people in your workout class, hug your child’s teacher and send a personalized, hand-written note in the mail to a friend.

And to add in an element of fun, I further challenge you to answer 20 questions during your next date night with that special someone, or during girls night out! I’ll go first … then it’s your turn!

Get to Know Each Other With These 20 Questions

1) If I could meet anyone from the past or current-day, it would be: I would go back in time and meet Siddartha Guatama or better known as Buddha. Buddha is known as the awakened one who has great compassion for all living things. Through his compassion and wisdom he does everything for the benefit of others.

2) I can’t stand when: I can’t stand when people act like victims and don’t take matters into their own hands.

3) The best thing about family is:  The best thing about my family that I grew up with (my mom & step dad, my grandparents & my sisters) is how supportive they have always been. They are all easy to be around and fun loving. We laugh a lot. The best thing about my family now is all of our passion to do and try new things.

4) If I have an hour of free time to myself, I’ll: … jump on a horse.

5) My favorite excuse when I don’t want to go to the gym is: that I ate too much ice cream the night before! 😉

6) Stilletos or flats?  Flats! I only wear heels if I have to wear a dress or something dressier. Favorite shoes right now… Golden Goose Superstars.

7) A song that defines me: Cowboys Like Us by George Strait

8) My favorite sport: Hockey or basketball – it’s a toss up!

9) My favorite food: I’m in heaven in a candy shop. I also love a great steak!

10) Between texting and calling, I prefer: Calling!

11) The perfect date for Braham and I is: Dinner in a romantic ski town by a fireplace, with a blizzard outside.

12) When I start reading a book and get bored on the second page, I: If it’s a topic I’m passionate about, I’ll keep reading. Otherwise, I’ll find a new book.

Emily Akradi, Family Heirloom

My family heirloom, a grandfather clock

13) I wish: I wish we could get rid of all the unnecessary plastic consumption.

14) I can not stand when my mom: Talks about politics!

15) One of my most valuable treasures is: I have a grandfather clock that took a boat over from Europe. It’s been in our family forever.

16) Shopping or picnicking? Picnicking!

17) For me, there’s no better therapy than: Riding a horse.

18) I discovered I’m really good at: helping others make healthier choices in their lives.

19) A great beauty tip I have is: Always take your vitamins.

20) An exotic country I’ve been to is: Bali.

I would love to see your 20 questions answered! If not all 20, then answer one or two in the comments below or by sending me a message! And don’t forget my challenge to you – put down your phone, ignore distractions and give yourself the gift of connecting with those around you. ♥

As always, thanks for reading!

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    Lori Hartzler

    Em, great blog post!
    I would love to travel to Bali sometime, I’ve only been to Mexico and Canada and maybe some other countries island in the Caribbean. I grew up riding horses and I miss riding. The horse is my spirit animal 😀 You have definitely gotten me to eat healthier and try new things! Some days I would choose shopping and others picnicking . I am totally down with your other answers 😘


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