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Flying A - Akradi Family Farm

Flying A

Akradi Family Farm

All meat, fruits and vegetables are sustainably grown on our ‘Flying A’ Akradi family farm in Minnesota. This is the food we eat as a family. We do not use pesticides, chemical or synthetic fertilizers and all of our meat and produce is completely organic.

Each month, we select a new charity to support. This month all proceeds benefit the Life Time Foundation, whose mission is to improve school lunches.

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Locally grown. Organic. All-natural. Supports Charity.

We take great care to ensure our beef, lamb and produce are as healthy as possible! Our beef are a line of black angus cattle and have never been given antibiotics or hormones. Our produce is grown without synthetic pesticides and artificial fertilizers, so you don’t have to worry about consuming fruits and veggies that contain trace levels of toxic heavy metals – ours are safe.


Home made dog treats

Beef and lamb. Available year round.


Akradi Strawberries

Strawberries, raspberries and melons.


Fresh garden food Akradi farm

Carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and more!


Local Honey

Fresh herbs, and raw, local honey.

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