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Tips for optimizing your physical and emotional health.

Deep Thoughts by Bahram Akradi

Freedom: To be free to do what you want to do or say what you want to say, as long as you do not impede on the freedom of others. Independence: Not to depend on anyone or anything or any system.  Entitlement: To believe or expect that you are owed...

Fitting in Fitness for Busy People

Emily and Braham Mountain Biking

I recently recorded a podcast with Dr. Meredith Butulis, an expert on fitness and performance, to discuss practical strategies to adjust to the back-to-school routine while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and routine. Listen to the podcast here: I share practical lifestyle strategies you can put into play with your family right...

My Favorite Toxin-Free Products

Last month, I shared a blog encouraging readers to reduce the toxin load on your body to boost your gut health. In that post, my focus was largely on reducing intake of processed food, however parabens and other chemicals enter our bloodstream through skin absorption as well, so it's important...