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My thoughts on parenting, pets, my favorite brands and everything in between.

Importance of Kids in Nature

Emily Akradi - Baby lamb Minnesota Grown

Increasingly, kids spend more and more time indoors - either on electronics or in structured activities leaving little time for free play and being in nature.   Richard Louv, author of the book Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder, tells the story of interviewing a...

Home Made Dog Treats

We recently adopted three Great Pyrenees puppies. They are now 18 weeks old and growing fast! Like most dogs, they LOVE treats - but a lot of puppy snacks are made with harmful ingredients. To avoid the chemical food additives and industrial solvents found in most dog treats, I decided...

Bees and Honey

This year we started raising bees, thanks to the help of our good friend Hossein. Hossein has his own bees and has been nice enough to help get our hives started.  We call him Hossein Honey Bee. He is a bee whisperer! We're excited about our hives - not only...