My Glute Workout Routine

My Glute Workout Routine

The glutes are the largest muscle group in the body. Strong glutes can improve athletic performance and decrease your risk for injuries. Read more about the importance of keeping your booty in shape.  I’ve worked closely with Cliff Edberg, Senior National Program Manager – Personal Training at Life Time Fitness. Cliff is my long time trainer has has helped me develop my glute workout routine. I have learned so much about exercise and nutrition from Cliff … he is the booty master!

Here’s an example of my booty workout routine:

 Train your glutes at least twice a week using mostly compound, multi-joint exercises, such as full squats, deadlifts, lunges and step-ups. High-intensity sprinting sessions also helps build and strengthen the glutes.

Hip Thrust

The hip thrust exercise allows me to maximally load my glutes with a horizontal load. The majority of lower body exercise load the glutes with a vertical load (squats, lunges, deadlifts), which prevents high levels of mechanical tension on the glutes.

Loaded Dead Lift (aka Straight Leg Dead Lift) With Resistance

With the loaded dead lift, I add two bands to each side of the weight bar, which provides additional resistance. The accommodating resistance increases the load as the bands are stretched. This allows for a lighter load in the bottom position where I am less strong and provides additional safety. As I progress through the concentric movement the band increases the tension while I move into a stronger, safer range of motion.

Glute Kick back

The glute kick back is an often underutilized exercise. Though it is challenging to put high levels of mechanical tension on the glutes, it is arguably one of the best of glute muscle fiber recruitment exercises. This is why I often leverage this exercise with high rep ranges to produce high levels of metabolic stress.

Try it for yourself! This is an easy workout to incorporate into your routine and you’ll start noticing increased strength and improved muscle definition after a short time.

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