Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

After having kids, I really noticed my hormones were out of whack. I did a ton of reading and research and learned that hormone replacement therapy using bioidentical hormones is a great way to balance your hormones out.

Hormone balance is a critical factor in your health and happiness. The same hormones that keep you healthy and growing in your earlier years can be the cause of emotional and physical distress as you grow older. People with a healthy hormone balance tend to live and enjoy healthy and long productive lives… free of many of the major diseases like stroke, thyroid problems and heart disease.

But people with long-term hormone imbalances endure diseases and health issues mentioned earlier, along with weight gain, fatigue, poor libido, memory loss and a host of others symptoms.

I highly reccommend finding a doctor that specializes in bioidentical hormones and start with doing a comphrensive evaluation that checks the following:
  • allergies and food sensitivities
  • hormone levels
  • vitimin D
  • thyroid function
  • heavy metals & minerals
  • lipid profile
  • cholesterol
  • adrenal function
These tests would be done through a combination of blood, urine, and saliva tests (in some cases, hair is also tested).
Based on your results, your doctor or hormone specialist will provide a comprehensive plan to balance your body. Your comprehensive plan should also include supplements, vitamins, and a nutrition evaluation.

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