Meet Emily

This is my blog where I share tips, information and my opinions on wellness, lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness. Thanks for being here!

Emily Akradi - Equestrian Horses

I am a fitness and health enthusiast, and a mother of 3. I try to always buy organic and fair trade goods. I’m a sustainability advocate. I’m a gardener, and call myself a farmer as we grow as much food as we can on our property. I’m a farm to table cook and enjoy preparing meals with fresh, home-grown ingredients.

I love horses and equestrian life. I love beautiful places, kind-hearted people and family time. I’m a hockey mom. I’m adventure seeking and enjoy mountain biking, scuba diving, and helping others.

Giving Back

I feel strongly about doing our part to make the world a better place.

I serve as a board member for Life Time Fitness Foundation whose mission is to help children live healthy, happy lives by helping schools to eliminate highly processed, unhealthy ingredients from their lunch menus and replace them with wholesome, healthy foods.

I care about several other charities and causes. > Learn More 

Braham and Emily Akradi - Lifetime Foundation

When you say “It’s hard”, it actually means “I’m not strong enough to fight for it”. Stop saying it’s hard. Think positive!

Emily Akradi Scuba Diving

The Little Things Matter

I believe that the small things matter and that a healthy outside starts from a healthy inside.

Nutrition, fitness and lifestyle all are factors that impact our wellness. Being mindful of our choices is the first step to taking care of ourselves. What we eat makes a difference. How we exercise makes a difference. How we sleep, play, shop and work all make a difference.

Forget skinny, train to be a badass

Exercise and fitness are a core part of who I am. Previously, I worked as a personal trainer and was NASM certified. I also led group fitness classes and was a certified yoga teacher.

Emily Akradi Yoga Pose Green Smoothie

Ask Me Anything

What is your favorite skin care treatment?

My absolute favorite skin care treatments are broadband light therapy (BBL) and hydrafacials which I try to have done once per month.

Learn more about BBL and hydrafacials.

What do you think about hormone treatment?

After having kids, I really noticed my hormones were out of whack. I did a ton of research and learned that hormone replacement therapy using bioidentical hormones is a great way to balance your hormones out.

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How can I get more definition in my arms?

I’m a strong believer in doing drop sets when working out my arms – this technique gives me great muscle definition. Drop sets are basically a performing an exercise and then dropping or reducing the weight and continuing for more reps.

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Living My Best Life